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Zach Quinn
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Man wearing sunglasses on boat with Statue of Liberty in background.
Although I embraced my inner-tourist in the New York harbor, I write from central Florida. (Photo credit: Me).

The Latest (Most Engaged — Week of 09/24/23)

The Greatest (Most Engaged — All Time)

  1. 3 Data Science Projects That Got Me 12 Interviews. And 1 That Got Me In Trouble.
  2. Just Another Day Working At Pandemic-Era Disney World
  3. Creating The Dashboard That Got Me A Data Analyst Job
  4. Data Engineers Who Don’t Do This 30-Minute Exercise Will Waste Hours Of Development Time
  5. The Crucial Voice Missing From The Remote Work Conversation

…And You Are (Again)?

Florida-based data engineer for Forbes (my employer does not endorse my posts); founding editor, Pipeline: A Data Engineering Resource and co-editor, Learning SQL, a one-stop-shop for your SQL educational needs.

Top writer on Medium (last I checked): Data Engineering, SQL, Learning to Code, Business Intelligence, Data Analysis, Data, Jobs, Job Hunting.

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Zach Quinn

Journalist—>Data Engineer @ Forbes; helping you target, land and excel in data-driven roles.

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